In this particular project there was a heavy use of on site archive boxes. There was also suspension filing and a small amount of lever arch filing.

Our scope of works was to:

  • Assess existing storage
  • Assess what could be culled and any growth requirements
  • Discuss paperless options and how this time table would fit in with their relocation

Our goal was to:

Provide specific storage furniture that could house both archive boxes and filing. The challenge was to maximise capacity but at the same time offer aesthetically pleasing storage units.

This was accomplished using a mixture of compactus, flipper door cabinets and sliding door cabinets. Each of these different types of storage was finished with a basket weave pattern to keep a uniform appearance. All were designed for high density storage with the flipper door and sliding door units being free standing, allowing ease of relocation.

Another request was to have the ability to have separae locking compartments within some of these cabinets for extra security and hot desking situations. We were able to achieve this using our Individual Locking Flipper Door Cabinets.


The client loved the aesthetics, versatility and security of the solution provided. They were also very pleased with the ease of future relocation of the free-standing units.