Filing Services

Filing Systems International offers a wide range of consultancy and services around its filing supply, cabinet and shelving products. Learn more below.


Records Management Consultancy

We use our extensive knowledge and experience to assist business of all sizes and types to better manage their information and storage. FSI are also able to assist with conversion of documents to the new system and a document destruction schedule.

Benefits to clients include:

  • Fast and easy access to stored information
  • Reduced storage space requirements
  • Document destruction schedules
  • Cost savings gained from reduced access time and space requirements
  • Compliance with legislation and any pertinent regulatory requirements
  • Increased efficiency

We work with each business individually to find the solution best suited to their individual needs. Records Management Consultancy will typically include:

  • Analysis of current records, information and storage:
    • Volume
    • Content
    • Access and usage
    • Potential for culling
    • Storage methods
    • Space requirements
    • Available space
    • Legislation & regulatatory requirements
  • Development of an efficient classification and indexing system through a collaborative process
  • Development of information management policy and procedures
  • Design of effective information management and storage solution
  • Staff training and assistance with the process of change management
  • Implementation of the system

Architects and Interior Designers

FSI have a wealth of experience in working with designers to achieve cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing storage solutions while minimising required floor space and ensuring that the system meets the needs of the users.

Electronic Information Management

We represent a number of world-leading information management software vendors with offereings ranging from traditional “on-premise” systems to cloud-based solutions.  They include:

  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM)
  • Web Content Management (WCM)
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • WorkflowImaging

A number of our software systems directly improve paper filing practices. One such system is the TABQuik label printing software.

Special Purpose Products

We design and produce special products for unique or particular filing requirements.

Customised Labelling

Ask us to pre-label your files for you and save yourself some time.

  • Pre-labelling is an economical alternative to labour-intensive hand labelling
  • Alphabetical or numerical labelling
  • Data conversion into file format
  • Provision for bar code identification
  • Multiple labels or, alternatively, a single strip label incorporation all file indentifiers in one label.

Click here for more information on single strip label.

Customised Folder Printing

  • For special purpose files
  • Layout and artwork design included
  • Printing available in black or colours
  • If required, we can hold stock and ship orders same day. Regular inventory reports provided.

Onsite Conversion of Existing Systems

On-site conversion of existing systems is available.

Support and Implementation

Our support services team have extensive experience in engagements of varying size and complexity. Every aspect of the planning, design, implementation/upgrade, deployment, training and change management phases are fully met using field-proven methodologies. This results in reduced risk to you, consistent quality and more efficient service.

FileQuest Advanced Colour-coded System

Filing Essentials created and produces the entire range of FilQuest products. We sell the products directly and also through re-sellers.

Save space … store and retrieve records faster and more efficiently

The system works! At-a-glance colour-coding.  Alphabetical and/or numeric indexing for easy retrieval

The FileQuest system is an easy, logical way to build an effective storage and retrieval system that lets you identify files at-a-glance.
Because the eye responds to colour faster and more readily than any other visual stimuli, colour coding is the key element…from there on we can customise your management system to suit your needs, with practical, easy-to-use alphabetical and numerical labels that let you organise accurately and retrieve instantly.

The colour-coded system is easy to setup, even more simple to operate:

Colour bands guide you to the right section – clear alphabetical characters take you straight to the file you want.

  • Colour coding makes it fast and accurate
  • The minute you put a file in the wrong spot, your eye lets you know… no more searching for a file that should be in one place, but is hiding somewhere else!
  • Because each file is unique and works within the colour band, you’ll know the minute one is out of place!
  • Make best use of your floor space.  You’ll save up to 75% floor space … and every file is visible (based on a FileQuest 7-level Flipper door cabinet)

You’ll be amazed! FileQuest storage units occupy a fraction of the space of old-fashioned filing cabinets – you’ll save floor space of up to 75% – and space costs money!  FileQuest upright cabinets will revolutionise your office and release space you never realised you had!

Your FileQuest consultant will help you design and plan a layout to maximise your floorspace… and position your new cabinets to provide easy access.

Filing systems with a variety of supports available

Unique slotted shelving systems specially designed for maximum capacity:

  • Filing capacity equivalent to 41/4 four-drawer cabinets
  • Adjustable to suit mixed media storage

    We have a large range of Filing innovations for every office environment including:

    • Plain Files
    • End-tab File Folders
    • Colour Code stickers
    • Colour-coded End Tab folders
    • Spring Clip file folders
    • Pockets
    • Binders
    • Wallets
    • Filing cabinets including FileQuest Flipper Door, Tambour Door, Receding Door
    • FileQuest Shelving
    • Rolling Storage
    • Plan storage
    • Lateral storage
    • FileQuest Labels
    • Tubeclip fasteners
    • Document wallets