About Filing Systems International

FSI is a proudly Australian owned and managed Information Management specialist company with an expertise in space and time efficient solutions for managing records and information. With our broad range of offerings we are able to take a more consultative approach to assessing your requirements and proposing the right solution for you.

For over 20 years we have been helping companies to save floor space and access time with their filing and storage systems.

FSI provides filing and storage systems, both paper-based and electronic, to organisations throughout Australia and also overseas. Contact us for a free file survey and quote.

We manufacture and supply lateral file folders, tube clips, filing labels, and an extensive range of filing cabinets and filing accessories. Our file folders can be used with all types of standard and lateral cabinets, static shelving and compactus units. We can also provide second-hand cabinets and compactus units.

We created the Filequest lateral filing products which include files and labels that match most other brands. Since we are one of the largest filing companies in Australia, we can offer extremely competitive pricing. Click here to see our full range.

Call us on 02 9634 1798 or 1800 001 090 (outside NSW) for more information, advice or assistance.

Our current active client base includes companies in Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Health, Legal and Accountancy and all levels of Government.

As well as supplying lateral end tab file folders, filing clips, filing labels and file storage furniture, we also provide our clients with custom printed files, dividers and accessories. Additionally, we have a team of people who apply labels and accessories when required in order to make filing even easier for our clients.

We also have a division dedicated to offering electronic filing solutions. We provide IM software systems, both traditional on-premise systems and innovative cloud based systems such as NetDocuments, which is the leading cloud ECM solution in the world and has proved very successful with small to medium firms in the US.

In the past these technologies have been the domain of larger organisations. With the emergence of the cloud, SaaS solutions with their low cost of ownership have brought these systems well within the reach of smaller organisations – quite feasibly two users and up. Click here for more details or click here to arrange a free demonstration.